Century Club

Support the MACON GOP
by joining the CENTURY CLUB in 2023!
The Century Club NEEDS you!
By joining the Century Club YOU help create the financial foundation for the work 
Macon Republicans do each year for the good of everyone in our voting area.
We all benefit when the best candidates are elected, and you can help make this happen. 
Century Club memberships help us -Maintain our volunteer-staffed headquarters 
Host events that translate into votes for our candidates Purchase print and radio advertising, signs and billboards 
Donate to the campaigns of Republican candidates on general election ballots.
The CENTURY CLUB is open to those who donate $100 or more annually to the Macon County Republican Party, 
as election finance laws allow. Our goal is 200 members each year. Let’s do this! You can join Century Club on line, 
or by downloading the Form filling out the form and mailing
 it with your payment to the address given below.

 Mailing Address:  
Macon County Republican Party 
PO Box 595 Franklin, NC 28744

Or you can donate on line.

Individual Donations Click Link Below

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