Precinct Chair

Precinct Locations

  • Burningtown
    Old Burningtown Fire Department,
    30 Dave’s Creek Rd., Franklin
  • Cartoogechaye
    West Macon Fire & Rescue, 564 Charles Nolan Road, Franklin
  • Cowee
    Cowee School,
    51 Cowee School Drive, Franklin
  • East Franklin
    Macon County Environmental Resource Center,
    1624 Lakeside Drive, Franklin
  • Ellijay
    Cullasaja Gorge Fire & Rescue, 104 River Road, Franklin
  • Flats
    Scaly Mountain Fire Department,
    169 Hale Ridge Road,
    Scaly Mountain
  • Highlands
    Highlands Civic Center, 600 N. 4th Street, Highlands
  • Iotla 
    Macon County Airport, 1241 Airport Road, Franklin
  • Nantahala
    Nantahala EMS Building, 1096 Junaluska Road, Topton
  • North Franklin
     Franklin Town Hall,
    95 Main Street, Franklin
  • Millshoal
    Holly Springs Community Building,
    2720 Cat Creek Road, Franklin

  • South Franklin
    Macon County Library,
    149 Siler Farm Road, Franklin

  • Smithbridge
    Otto Community Building,
     60 Firehouse Lane, Otto
  • Sugarfork
    Pine Grove School,
    38 Peeks Creek Road, Franklin

  • Union -
    Macon County Community Building,
    1288 Georgia Road, Franklin

Precinct Officers

  • Tracy Chastain
    Burningtown Chair

  • Chris Camp Chair
    Ron Haven Vice Chair

  • Bill McGaha Chair
    Jim Gaston Vice Chair

  • Rob Tolp Chair
    Elizabeth Gibson Vice Chair

  • Bill Trick Chair
    Chip Godwin Vice Chair

  • J B Corum Chair
    Vice Chair

  • Bodie Catlin Chair
    Keith McKim Vice Chair

  • Daniel Dills Chair
    Cathleen Rodriguez Vice Chair
    Paul Rodriguez Sectary
  • Chair
    Vice Chair

  • Chris Browning Chair
    Glenn Deimel Vice Chair

  • Chair
    Patty Baker  Chair
    Linda White Secretary

  • Linda Herman Chair
    Joyce Roberts Vice Chair
    Pam Newell Secretary

  • Dixie Bishop Chair
    Cindy Smith Vice Chair
    Stewart Sloan Secretary

  • Shawn Marcie Chair
    Kyle McKim Vice Chair
    Herm Stahl Secretary

  • Jack Castle Chair
    Brian Walker Vice Chair
    Michael Lions Secretary


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