Precinct Info

Macon County, NC Precinct Information

There are 15 Precincts in Macon County.

Macon County, NC Voting Precincts and Locations
  1. North Franklin - Franklin Town Hall, 95 Main Street, Franklin
  2. South Franklin - Macon County Library, 149 Siler Farm Road, Franklin
  3. East Franklin - Macon County Environmental Resource Center, 1624 Lakeside Drive, Franklin
  4. Iotla - Macon County Airport, 1241 Airport Road, Franklin
  5. Union - Macon County Community Building, 1288 Georgia Road, Franklin
  6. Millshoal - Holly Springs Community Building, 2720 Cat Creek Road, Franklin
  7. Ellijay - Cullasaja Gorge Fire & Rescue, 104 River Road, Franklin
  8. Sugarfork - Pine Grove School, 38 Peeks Creek Road, Franklin
  9. Highlands - Highlands Civic Center, 600 N. 4th Street, Highlands
  10. Flats - Scaly Mountain Fire Department, 169 Hale Ridge Road, Scaly Mountain
  11. Smithbridge - Otto Community Building, 60 Firehouse Lane, Otto
  12. Cartoogechaye - West Macon Fire & Rescue, 564 Charles Nolan Road, Franklin
  13. Nantahala - Nantahala EMS Building, 1096 Junaluska Road, Topton
  14. Burningtown - Old Burningtown Fire Department, 30 Dave’s Creek Rd., Franklin
  15. Cowee - Cowee School, 51 Cowee School Drive, Franklin
The precinct map shown below can be found on the Macon County, NC website. 
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